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What are X-rays?


Digital X-Ray, diagnostic imagingX-rays are used to diagnose a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including broken bones, cancer, blocked arteries, and other abnormalities. Safe, low doses of X-rays pass through the body and produce a black and white image on a computer screen. Community Radiology is pleased to offer digital X-rays, which are the latest method of taking X-rays using digital images rather than using films.


How do you prepare for your X-Ray?


• No appointment necessary. Our digital x-ray services are handled on a walk-in basis. Please bring your referral.

• X-rays require no special preparation.

• Please let us know if you may be pregnant.


What will you experience during your X-ray?


Upon arrival


• A technologist will take you to the exam room, ask you some medical questions, and explain what you can expect during your test.


• Depending on what part of your body is being examined, you may need to remove some of your clothing and put on a gown.


• You will need to remove any metal (including necklaces and body piercings) or plastic from the part of your body being examined.


During your X-ray


• The technologist will position you sitting, standing, or lying on the exam table and the X-ray will be conducted.


• If you are having a fluoroscopic exam, you will receive special instructions about preparing for the exam and receiving contrast material before your exam.


After your X-ray


• You can leave immediately after your X-ray.


• If you had a fluoroscopic exam, drink plenty of fluids, especially water, for the next 24 hours to help flush the contrast material from your body.


• The radiologist will review your X-rays and send the results to your physician. Urgent findings will be called or faxed in to your physician.


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