The Region’s First Outpatient 3T MRI - Available at our New Greenbelt MRI Center

When your doctor needs highly detailed, precise images to diagnose your health problem, our new 3 Tesla MRI in Greenbelt, can help. 

Our 3T MRI is somewhat like getting a high definition television to replace your old TV set. 3T MRI allows our radiologists to get amazingly clear pictures of various parts of the body – from the brain and spinal cord to tiny joints in your feet and hands. Just as your new TV offers a sharper picture, our 3T MRI offers sharper images that can lead to a more precise, definitive diagnosis - and for many patients, earlier detection of disease.  

Patient Comfort
Our 3T MRI is one of the most advanced systems of its type – developed to make your exam quick and comfortable, while providing exceptional image quality to help your doctor provide you with answers.
Beautifully Clear Images Throughout the Body
With 3T MRI, your radiologist can see smaller features, more parts of the body and more of the body at one time. That helps your doctor diagnose tiny lesions or ambiguous and difficult cases for a wide range of medical problems, including:
- Orthopedic – especially small joints such as those in the wrist, elbow, hand and foot 
- Brain and spinal cord 
- Arteries and veins  
- Cardiac (heart) 
- Body – abdomen and pelvic area
What You Should Know
- 3T MRI complements rather than replaces 1.5T MRI, which continues to provide high quality images appropriate for most patients. 
- Pregnant and some other patients are not appropriate for 3T MRI. Consult your doctor for more information.

- Open MRI scanners remain important for patients who are claustrophobic or can't tolerate conventional MRI, especially as the strength of Open MRI scanners has increased. Look for announcements about our exciting new high field Open MRI, which is coming to our Greenbelt MRI Center soon.
When you need an MRI, you can trust the exceptional equipment and experienced, specialized radiologists at Community Radiology. Call 1-888-601-0943 to make an appointment or for more information.

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