Community Radiology Pledges to Image Wisely


Our technologists have already taken the pledge!
Imaging tests provide immeasurable health benefits. They find a wide range of diseases at an early stage, help doctors make the right diagnosis and allow patients to avoid unnecessary medical procedures. Their benefits far outweigh any risks.
Nonetheless, many imaging procedures – including CT scans, X-rays, mammograms, nuclear medicine tests and fluoroscopy - involve small amounts of radiation that may have an accumulative effect over time. (note that MRIs and ultrasound do not involve any radiation). To minimize any risk to patients, the doctors and staff at Community Radiology want to use the lowest dose of radiation possible without affecting our ability to get high quality images.
That’s why we’re excited to participate in Image Wisely, a new initiative sponsored by the following groups:

The objective of this campaign is to encourage practitioners to avoid unnecessary scans involving radiation and to use the lowest optimal radiation dose for necessary studies. This initiative focuses on adult imaging, whereas a prior initiative called Image Gently focuses on imaging in children.
In just a short time, the technologists at Community Radiology have taken the pledge to Image Wisely. This kind of leadership is what our patients have come to expect. It gives you the reassurance that our staff will be working harder than ever to ensure that our equipment, software and protocols balance image quality with the lowest possible radiation dose.
Our efforts include:
·         Using special dose reduction software
·         Updating our protocols to use the lowest possible dose based on your age and weight
·         Using breast, thyroid and eye shields when appropriate
·         Inspecting our equipment frequently
·         Avoiding unnecessary imaging procedures

Our staff and radiologists are pleased to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1-888-972-9700 or ask a staff member during your next visit. To learn more about Image Wisely, visit imagewisely.org.
Download a Patient Medical Imaging Record to track your imaging history. 

Community Radiology also participates in the Image Gently program, an initiative to reduce radiation in pediatric imaging. To learn more about Image Gently, visit imagegently.org